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 Britain's Got Talent 2015

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PostSubject: Britain's Got Talent 2015   Sun 17 May - 17:35

I had almost given up on this show due to the ridiculous acts I have seen in the past season. Just for fun I decided to look for it. I was pleasantly surprised to find this 12 year old in the show this season. I hope she goes far! sunny

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PostSubject: Re: Britain's Got Talent 2015   Thu 21 May - 4:54

Whoaa!! That Girl is a strong Singer! Natural talent of course, but I am thinking she has had some vocal lessons and good lessons they were!

I have mixed feelings about the show. I have made comments several years ago that I think some of the supposed 'surprise' or 'candid dramatic' moments over the years were actually more scripted and then often badly acted out, especially by Simon Cowell There have been of course some really nice child performers, number one being Connie Talbot for me, and I hold nothing against them for playing along. Many of the fake moments came with adult performers, who I also hold nothing against. I like Jonathan and Charlotte for example. Actually, the Connie Talbot times on the show seemed more genuine than many others I can think of. Connie being so young and so sweet, it was not really so necessary to manipulate it much.

That being said, this video posted now seemed to be pretty real. Hope she goes a long way. Let's keep our eyes/ears open for more of her.
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Britain's Got Talent 2015
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