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 Georgina Tarasiuk (Poland)

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PostSubject: Georgina Tarasiuk (Poland)   Mon 9 Feb - 9:59

I know I already posted this performance of this song on other thread but Georgina Tarasiuk is one of my most favorite girl singers because of depth of feeling she express in her singing. Her performance of this song is phenomenal and genius. Like one Polish person said about her in youtube comments "She is one in a million talent". I haven't searched for her early and other performances yet so only know one her song called "Dłoń" which is original title of the song in Polish. I love the song very much.

So here once again:

Gina Tarasiuk w Szansie na sukces, Dłoń

And this version in better quality though
I like sound on the first version more

and here she just sings the same song
with another singer
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PostSubject: Re: Georgina Tarasiuk (Poland)   Wed 11 Feb - 5:53

Hey Sam1989! Smile First, I do want to say I think Georgina is a really nice singer. I really do like her a lot in these videos. However, the first video will not play for me in Mexico. Wonder how that works. Have seen it before, but still do not understand.

Anyway, I do want to just suggest something. It is only a suggestion. The only reason I even think I may have the right to suggest is that I helped launch this forum in the beginning and the main guy does not come around much anymore.

I suggest things sometimes, not to be critical, but to make things a bit easier or less complicated on the forum.

Here is a partial quote from another post I did recently.
I have always said I think it is better to create threads for specific singers or groups if they are really special to you and are young enough or busy enough on making videos to make a specific thread worth it. If they do not fit that description, then there are many other more general threads to post in.

I can see how Georgina would be special enough to you, but it seems to me that she has very few videos from when she was an actual child singer. These videos are from 4 years ago. She is still coming out with stuff, but she must be about 15 or 16 now. I think you will be out of videos to post of her child singing days right away.

It is just that it already is very hard to keep up with all the different threads and we have several general threads that about 80 percent of the child singers videos can fit in anyhow.

No big deal. I appreciate all the action on the forum lately and we can deal with whatever. You are a valued poster this past year. As I said, just a suggestion you can think about. Smile
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Georgina Tarasiuk (Poland)
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