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 Various music videos from the show "Chiquititas"

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PostSubject: Various music videos from the show "Chiquititas"   Mon 22 Sep - 15:47

So I've been watching this Brazilian novela called "Chiquititas" (or as much as it can be called "watch" for a non-portuguese speaker Sad ).
It's a remake of an older Brazilian version, which in turn was based on a very successful Spanish language series.
Anyway, the children, and sometimes the adults, participate in music videos for the show every so often.
Even though sometimes their voices take second stage, the videos are very well produced, and a lot of the songs are very pleasant to listen to.
HD versions of most of the music videos were posted a few months ago on their official youtube site.

The youtube site:

The music videos:

Mentirinhas (My favorite of them all Smile , sang by Giovanna Grigio and Gabriella Saraivah)

Coração Com Buraquinhos (Another very catchy song. The little girl is Carolina Chamberlain)

Me Passam Coisas (Sang by Giovanna Grigio, another good song)

Igual Aos Demais (Sang by Julia Olliver, kind of sad but a good song)

Abraça o Mundo (Another song by Giovanna Grigio)

The following music videos are either sang by a chorus or the main singer is an adult.

Remexe (versão parque)   (This is the main theme song of the show. I love the choreography!)

Remexe (versão noite)    (Another version)

Amigas (Pleasant song about friendship)


Sempre Juntos

Tudo Tudo (versão cozinha)

Todo Mundo Chic

Laços do Coração (cute girls, but not sang by them)

Até Dez



Palco (versão cozinha)

Palco (versão beco)

Chefe Chico (Sang by João Acaiabe and the chorus)

Delicinha (Sang by an adult, but a very good listen.Very Happy )

If you don't feel like watching all of them, you can just try out the first few videos. I think they're very good!!

There is also some songs used in the show that are sang by non cast members.

Te Gosto Tanto (Sang by Larissa Manoela) Very Happy

Larissa Manoela played a character in the series just prior to Chiquititas called "Carrossel".
Carrossel also made some music videos, but personally I don't think they're as good as the songs from Chiquititas.

Enjoy!  Great
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PostSubject: Re: Various music videos from the show "Chiquititas"   Tue 23 Sep - 22:00

I think it is very interesting that you made this thread. I have made many posts on the older versions of Chiquititas on the forum, but it was a few years ago.
The original was from Argentina. Even though I liked the various incarnations later, I still like the original cast the best. I have not seen many of these newer ones you posted, so maybe I will change my mind. I do wish the older ones had the nicer looking videos the newer ones have. There was also a spin-off series called Rincón de Luz, that also had plenty of music. Rincón de Luz is the name of the orphanage. Then they combined those two names and had the feature film Chiquititas: Rincón de luz.   I think various versions of this were produced in serveral countries. The original ran 1995 to 2001 I think, but that had at least two casts, maybe three.

Check this out


If you are interested, check this thread out.


Then if you like that Spanish language stuff and want something newer, there is...


I will get back to this and watch several of these and comment next time. Until then, this video is a compilation of the many incarnations of Chiquititas up until 2006 anyway, as that is when this video was posted.

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PostSubject: Re: Various music videos from the show "Chiquititas"   Wed 24 Sep - 12:05

Yeah, I've taken a look at the history of chiquititas before. I've also listened to some of the old chiquititas songs.
But I haven't watched any of the old shows. Now we've got full HD and full shows right at our fingertips. Wonderful, isn't it? Very Happy

As for the oldies, I think I've seen most of them. Probably because of your post?
Anyway, I was a huge Danna Paola fan. Love So adorable and so talented! I have a lot of her songs.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

And "Si querés, podés" is a pleasant song!! I like it. Thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: Various music videos from the show "Chiquititas"   

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Various music videos from the show "Chiquititas"
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