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 Gergana Todorova (Bulgaria)

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PostSubject: Gergana Todorova (Bulgaria)   Mon 15 Sep - 17:14

I was thinking about creating thread to Gergana Todorova before but didn't. Now Tonie created thread to Juliana Mur and mentioned Todorovas and reminded me of Gergana. Her songs are beautiful

Here are some of my favorite videos of her

Гергана Тодорова - Двама - Шоуто на Слави

Гергана Тодорова - Еднаква за теб и за мен - Шоуто на Слави

Гергана Тодорова -- Пей сърце - Шоуто на Слави

Гергана Тодорова - Девойко мари хубава - Шоуто на Слави

Гергана Тодорова - Моя страна, моя България - Шоуто на Слави

Гергана Тодорова - Избор на сценична партньорка на г н Андреев - Шоуто на Слави

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PostSubject: Re: Gergana Todorova (Bulgaria)   Mon 15 Sep - 17:38

She is very good! Holy Smokes! How many of those Todorova kids are there? lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Gergana Todorova (Bulgaria)   Tue 16 Sep - 23:27

That´s funny! I just commented in the Krisia thread when I posted a video of 4 GirlSingers together that I had found out the taller Girl Singer in the video was a Todorova also! Very Happy Does anybody know for sure their relationship? The first guess is of course sisters, but maybe not. We just cannot assume. Now threads for all the Todorovas have been created. I had planned on making one for Krisia, but Tonie beat me to it. That will make me be quicker to create a thread for the fourth girl in their group who is the only one not a Todorova. See my new thread.

Now for Gergana. I must be honest. If I had to put the three Todorovas in order of favorite, it would be Krisia just barely over Tereza and then third would be Gergana. She is really good of course, but maybe the fact that she is older and taller, it is not as amazing to hear her sing so good as the littler ones.

I must also be honest that all the songs that you posted Sam1989 were just OK for me. Well, one of them, the next to the last one titled Моя страна was good enough for me to put it in My Favorites on Youtube. Gergana is consistantly good in almost all her videos and she has many, but when it comes to songs, especially in the Bulgarian language, I am going to have different tastes a lot of the time. I of course really enjoy when any of these Todorovas sing in English, but I did find another Bulgarian song I like more that also made it into My Favorites. Here is that one and a couple in English as my favorites from Gergana.

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PostSubject: Re: Gergana Todorova (Bulgaria)   Thu 19 Feb - 18:34

I just came across this thread today because I was looking for a new video from Krisia or Tereza on YT and Gergana popped up. I couldn't remember if I had heard of her.(memory thing) Laughing I did a search on this site and there she was. Another Todorova--WOW! I agree that she might not be as good as K or T but she is not bad. That whole clan is amazing! Here is one I found today.
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PostSubject: Re: Gergana Todorova (Bulgaria)   

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Gergana Todorova (Bulgaria)
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