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 Noelle Maracle- Canada

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PostSubject: Noelle Maracle- Canada   Fri 12 Sep - 20:57

I wish I would have known this site was here a long time ago. I have been following young talent for years now. I don't see Noelle listed anywhere here. I have followed Noelle for 5 years now. There are many YT videos of her if you are interested. Noelle just turned 13.

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Number of posts : 820
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PostSubject: Noelle Maracle- Canada   Sat 13 Sep - 13:16

Here is a new cover just posted by Noelle today. I love her voice! Wow!                

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PostSubject: Re: Noelle Maracle- Canada   Wed 17 Sep - 1:04

Just letting you know Tonie that Noelle has been posted on the forum many, many times. Often by me, but also by others. I think I made a comment a few times that I should have created a thread for her long ago, but just to tell you, she is most often in the MySpace and Youtube Artist thread and she has been appearing there since she was 9 I think. She is a Didier student. He is the voice coach of 5 or 6 of my favorite Girl Singers and you usually see his comments on Youtube as PonselleLover I think it is. Just off the top of my head, his students also include Sabrina Carpenter, Jasmine Thompson, and Jasmine Clarke. Seems like there are a couple more, but it is not coming to me right now. If you don´t know those three, you should look them up and especially look for the videos from 2 or 3 years ago. Since Sabrina Carpenter has now done work with Disney and done some acting, it is hard to find her good stuff from when she was younger on a Youtube search, so look at her thread here or go to https://www.youtube.com/user/sabrinastar99  and look at her original songs category and uploads category. Make sure to load all the uploads category so that you reach her earlier stuff. She has a ton of great ones.

Noelle, Sabrina and the two Jasmines are all in their early teens now, but when they were all preteens, I considered them all as top ten voices for Girl Singers from English speaking countries.

Sorry I got off on the subject of Didier students, but that is what Noelle is still. Just to help get you started with the other three if you are interested. Here is a video that put together the two Jasmines. Just links since this is not their thread.


A Sabrina Carpenter music video


A repost of course. This was posted on the forum probably 4 years ago. It is one of Noelle´s rare attempts to make more of a music video look to the production. I also love this song. She is 9 in this one.

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Noelle Maracle- Canada
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