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 Sean Gitelman (Israel)

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PostSubject: Sean Gitelman (Israel)   Sat 25 Jan - 12:25

Though this forum is mostly about girl singers but this Israeli boy has long hair and look feminine and cute so I guess you may like him and he will fit in.

Here I post some six videos with him singing and one interview

שון גיטלמן בואי לסרט קליפ Sean Gitelman

שון גיטלמן - שוטי ספינתי ♥

לחיות טוב - ראיון עם שון גיטלמן - ילד פלא

"לי ולך" ביצוע שון גיטלמן וליבי פנקר

שון גיטלמן ואופיר אלבז

"גן סגור" - ביצוע שון גיטלמן!
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PostSubject: Re: Sean Gitelman (Israel)   Sun 26 Jan - 12:40

I guess the main reason for the overwhelming number of girlsingers here is simply that 90 % of the talented and skilled singers under 13 are girls. And in my personal perspective: I like to stay whit a kidsinger through her (or, well, his) career - and boys change a lot more in look and voice when they become teenagers ...  Rolling Eyes 

Sean ist good! I especially like the part in the clip when he steals sweets!  Laughing
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Sean Gitelman (Israel)
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