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 Maddi Jane

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PostSubject: Re: Maddi Jane   Sat 15 Nov - 18:51

girlsingerfan wrote:
That is a really good song for her! This is what she needs to be doing, songs that make her interesting each time. If that is her really playing the piano on the song, then that makes her more interesting on just that. I am sure she plays some piano, but is it her on the recording. I will ask on Youtube and see if I can find out.
Maddi plays the piano along with the guitar. I have been a fan ever since she did a video of " Price Tag" I don't see that song listed here. Here is a new one by Maddi that some here may like. Maddi is a very talented young lady!
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PostSubject: Re: Maddi Jane   Tue 18 Nov - 5:55

Yes, Maddi is for sure one of those somewhat rare Girl Singers that I continue to enjoy as a teen singer. She really went the right direction to keep it interesting. I like what she is doing these days.
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Maddi Jane
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