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 Divna from Bulgaria

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PostSubject: Divna from Bulgaria   Wed 15 Oct - 4:02

I thought I had already posted on this girl I found about 2 months ago, but I looked and I see that I did not. I had planned on it, but I guess I did not get to it, so here she is now. Sorry Raku, she is another one of those that does a lot of power singing, but not always.

If anyone has more info. on Divna, then please add. I do not know a lot about her. I believe she got her start by her audition on a Bulgarian TV Show - "Pei s Men " ( Sing with me ) , where 12 of the biggest Bulgarian stars will sings duets with ordinary people . She must have won big, because then there are several videos of her on youtube singing with a man on stage named Miro.

Here is her debut on that show. She sings three different songs, two in English.

I am not sure if this performance came before she was on that show or after. She is 10 in both videos. This is old jazz style singing.
Love in Jazz

Here are two videos of her singing with Bulgarian star Miro. You can see that she has already gained a confidence and comfortability on stage like she had been doing it a long time. They sing in English in both of these.

Life is a Caberet

This is from Juniior Eurovision 2007 from Bulgaria. This is more of a kid song and kid singing style. You may like this a bit more Rakugaki. Smile

After all those, I will post my favorite song from her. This is the perfect song style for her I think. It is not too much power, but it is not soft or pretty or cute either. Somewhere in between. Again in English. She sure sings a lot in English for a little girl from Bulgaria.
My Number One
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PostSubject: Re: Divna from Bulgaria   Wed 15 Oct - 17:08

Yeah, she's nice !! And you're right, I like the 2 last videos the most !!

Thanks. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Divna from Bulgaria   Thu 16 Oct - 17:46

girlsingerfan wrote:
This is from Junior Eurovision 2007 from Bulgaria. This is more of a kid song and kid singing style. You may like this a bit more Rakugaki. Smile
Well...it's...okay... Shocked

Not my style... Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Divna from Bulgaria   Sun 21 Apr - 12:25

I now use my necromantic powers to bring this thread back from the grave! Very Happy

Even if Divna ist not really a girl singer any more (16 right now?), I still like her music a lot. She seems to be very popular in Bulgaria. So i post some of her newer videos:

I ti ne mozhesh da me spresh ("They can't stop me") - truly one of my favorite songs!

Gotov Li Si za Men ("They are ready for me" ?)

The bulgarian version of a Coca Cola commercial song. Do you know the original performance with a gigantic little girl who searches for her father? I read the artists were quite angry when Coca Cola used there idea ...

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PostSubject: Re: Divna from Bulgaria   

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Divna from Bulgaria
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