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 Forum problem

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PostSubject: Re: Forum problem   Sun 13 Aug - 10:07

Tonie wrote:
Sam, I don't get an email when you post. It must be something in your settings on this site that you neglected to allow ?

I think it's just like this forum works for everyone - not to do with somebody's profile settings. There is a "Watch this topic for replies" option on forum, it's activated automatically for a certain thread once you post something on this thread.  Otherwise to switch "Watch this topic for replies" on you need to click "Watch this topic for replies" link located at the right corner at bottom of a forum or "Actions" at the top right corner of a forum, but even if you do this it still won't send you emails because it sends you email only about a post that was posted just after your post, because they think that post which goes after your post is likely lo be a reply to you and you won't need emails about other posts on a thread if they're not a reply to you. Some forums have this option and send can send you emails about all posts but most of them don't and send you email notifications only about posts that supposed to be replies on your post and not about every post in a thread.

You probably asked because you've seen a lot of what look like new posts on a thread and was surprised but it's not because they were new, it because I have a habit to edit my old posts and replace a videos in them with other videos to make a thread look more like I want it to look if I'm not content with how I posted videos, with quality. Though last three video were new.
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Forum problem
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